Wooden houses

- We proudly present you our most valuable product! -

The idea itself is coming from more than 200 years old Slavonian barn, locally kown as „Ambar“…

The fact that „Ambar“ stands still even today, despite all these years and lack of maintanence, is the best indicator of quality and resistance of Slavonian oak wood (lat. Quercus robur).

We knew from the beginning that the wood, as material, is one of the best and most used during human history, from different kind of tools, building materials, even weapons. We decided to use this gift of nature and turn it to place where people can live the nature, place where every human succeed to find a peace, place where human and nature become one!

Proudly we present you our service in wooden houses building, pointing out the type variation – continental or littoral. Each project is treated individually from the beginning, resulting with satisfied client and unique product!

Material used for our production is top quality Salvonian oak wood, micro-located in Spačva forrest pool, the biggest oak forrest in Croatia and Europe. By using this material we can guarantee unsurpassed durability as well as quality of our houses!

We can offer you wooden garden houses, vacation houses and even „Exclusive“ models (mostly suitable for littoral usage on the seacoast). You as a client decide about each detail of your house, thus your dream house combined with our dedicated labor becomes reallity.


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